About Me

I started this blog several years ago, because I enjoy writing.  While I could never make a career out of it, I do enjoy sitting down and writing periodically, and this gives me a nice, casual place to write about what I am up to.

I grew up in southern New Hampshire, however it has been several years since I lived there.  After high school, I moved to Utah for college, and from there life took me to Alaska, British Columbia, and currently, Montana.  I have had quite a few jobs, despite my relatively short time in the work force. I am currently a railroad conductor, working on freight and passenger trains in Alaska. Prior to Alaska, I worked as a locomotive engineer in eastern Montana. For a couple years before railroading, I enjoyed driving tour and charter buses in Alaska, Canada, and the western United States.

When I am not working, which seems to happen infrequently, I enjoy a good bike ride or hike, and I enjoy modelling.  I also like to travel, and I do so at every opportunity I have.

I got married in 2012.  My wife and I do not have any children at this time, though plan to in the future.

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